Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) Rules


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CASI competition chili is blind judged on the following five criteria:

1. AROMA - Chili should smell appetizing.

2. CONSISTENCY - Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy.

3. RED COLOR - Chili should look appetizing.

4. TASTE - Chili should taste good.

5. AFTERTASTE - Chili should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing.


NOTE:  Click on the RECIPES page for sample CASI recipes used by past champions.

1. Only one judging cup per chili pot can be turned in for judging.


a. Be cooked on site the day of the cook off.

b. Be prepared from scratch (no commercial chili mixes).

c. Contain no fillers (beans, macaroni, rice, hominy, etc.)

d. Be prepared in as sanitary a manner as possible.

1) You must be willing to taste your own chili.

2) Cooking conditions are subject to inspection.

e. Be prepared in the open (no motor homes, closed tents, etc.).

3. Cooks must sign removable part of the ticket in ink when they receive their judging cups and must not tamper with or mark the judging cups they receive. The head cook is responsible for safeguarding the judging cup and matching ticket. (A matching signed ticket must be presented to claim a winning chili.)

4. Each head cook must bring his/her judging cup (3/4 full or filled to designated level) to a designated place at a set judging time.

NOTE: Contestants who fail to comply with these rules will be disqualified from the competition for that cook off.

Open (Home Style) Chili Rules

OPEN chili is blind judged on Aroma, Eye Appeal, Taste, and Overall Satisfaction.

A separate competition where anything goes. This is where you strut your stuff with your favorite chili. Use a variety of meats, beans, veggies, whole tomatoes or whatever you wish. This chili may be prepared at home and warmed up on site, making sure to observe the 40 -140 degree temperature rules. Remember you may be required to taste your own chili at turn in. For most cooks this will be the same chili used for the Peoples Choice competition.

Peoples Choice Rules

Cooks competing in the Peoples Choice competition are asked to bring at least five gallons of chili to give out as samples to the public. You will be given 2 oz portion cups and a 1 oz ladle for this purpose. This chili may be prepared at home and warmed up on site observing the same rules as for the OPEN category. For most cooks Peoples Choice and Open are from the same pot.  Feel free to add condiments, it may sway tasters to vote for your chili and remember, the cooks with enough chili to serve to the end of tasting have the best chance of winning the trophy.

NOTE: Cooks DO NOT have access to electric (No generators allowed). Each participant must provide their own table, propane stove and shelter. Water access is available.