Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) category. The recipes that won the International Championship in Terlingua Texas are the product of cooks years of work in the fun world of chili. These recipes are a bit complicated, however a great pot of chili can be achieved with some simple ingredients. You can win contests with good chili powder and spices, e.g. Tones from Sam's, powders from your local Hispanic market or supermarket or top grade products purchased on line from Pendery's Spices or Mild Bills at reasonable prices.

Brown 2 lbs ground beef, add tomato sauce, beef/chicken broth, garlic & onion powder, about 6 or 7 tablespoons chili powder and some cumin. Adjust heat with hot chili powder such as cayenne or hot sauce, add salt to taste and you have CASI chili. Be as creative as you like making sure to observe CASI rules. This is a contest chili for CASI points. Note there are no beans, chopped veg, or fillers in this chili.

To view CHAMPIONSHIP CASI  RECIPES go to then click the link to RECIPES at the top of the page. Use these as a guide to develop your winning pot of red.

The OPEN category is anything goes. This is the eating chili you make for you own dinner table. It is what you will turn in for Open judging and to serve for the Peoples Choice award, voted on by the public as they sample each cooks brew. Peoples Choice Contestants are asked to provide at least five (5) gallons of chili for public tasting. TIP: Cooks with enough chili to be serving at the end of tasting have a better chance of winning the Peoples Choice trophy.

We hope you enjoy your trip into the wonderful world of chili and we will see ya on the CHILI TRAIL.