Salsa Rules

This year there will be a Traditional Salsa category and a Non Traditional Salsa category at JAX USO Chili Cook Off using CASI criteria. 
  1. $10.00 per entry. 
  2. Turn in will be at 1:00 pm for both. 
  3. Awards for top 2 entries in each category.

Traditional Salsa

Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce, and in Mexico it refers to sauces that are used as an ingredient for a variety of dishes and as a condiment. It is normally a spicy blend of tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers finely pureed or cooked to a liquid like consistency. Secondary ingredients are traditionally garlic, salt and optionally, cilantro.

Non Traditional Salsa

Pico de Gallo, Verde (green), Greek, Fruit based, etc. Anything goes here, be creative and have fun. Any fruit, vegetable, or spice is acceptable (pineapple, ginger, bell pepper, etc). Additionally, non traditional ingredients such as Worcestershire sauce and tequila are perfectly acceptable as long as the end product tastes great.

Salsa Judging Rules and Characteristics

  • Color/appearance - is the product attractive and visually appealing? 
  • Smell/Aroma - the product should have a pleasant aroma, without one ingredient over-powering the others. 
  • Flavor - independent of spiciness, the product should be delicious. 
  • Viscosity/Texture - do you like the texture in terms of smooth, crunchy, easy to dip, etc? 
  • Heat/Spiciness - CASI is looking for a “classic” level of heat, not extreme or mind-numbing heat - mild, medium or hot are all fine, but try not to destroy the judges’ taste buds!